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use the old nursery

Mark Blemish | 14.06.2005 13:49 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Technology | Sheffield

we should have use of the building that we squatted specifically for the weekend event, 'technopolis' for the next couple of weeks so folks are welcome to use it for meetings and events if they wish to

From thursday the 9th of june until sunday the 12th leeds was host to a gathering for the discussion of technologies of control. The event was called 'technopolis' (watch this space for a report). For this purpose we squatted a building that had previously been a nursery school on buckingham road in the hyde park / headingly area. We have already had our papers and will be in court on monday the 20th. However, we shall most certainly be available as a meeting or events space until the 23rd and i will eat my hat if we do not remain available until at least the 27th, perhaps longer. The space has one large room, a conservatory, a smaller room, a working kitchen, and a nice garden. it's right in the middle of a residential area though so using it for noisier gigs may prove problematic. so far we have a benefit meal / gig for italian anarchist prisoners booked in on the 21st and a showing of l'age d'or and un chien andalou on the 26th providing we're still around. please come down if you are interested in using the space or helping out or ring us on 0113 2787465.

Mark Blemish