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BNP's Second Licence Application Rejected!

Antifa | 23.07.2008 12:53 | Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival | Anti-racism

This years event a watered down affair if ever there was one...

The BNP made yet another abortive attempt to apply for a 'mini' drinks and music licence yesterday morning for their upcoming Red White and Blue event better known as Scumfest.(Tuesday, 22nd July).

It was again opposed by the police who held up screen shots from the BNP website the day after the first application was opposed.

The screen shots declared the BNP's intention to sell alcohol anyway and the police stated that they had taken this to mean that the British National Party were declaring their intention to deliberately break the law!

Unusually for a licence hearing, this time the decision was reached by the licencing panel and delivered on the same day, within an hour & a half in fact, with a resounding 'NO CHANCE' being sent the BNP's way.

The police are still, apparently extremley concerned about 'extremist activity' on the weekend of the 15th - 17th of August. Aren't we all!

Our people in the know also inform us that Alan Warner, (absent at the licence hearing as he has been declared in some BNP circles as a public relations disaster) ruddy-nosed, suspected drug dealer and owner of the land the RWB is due to be held on, has run crying to the cops who are now taking his personal security so seriously that he has a panic button installed along with what he calls 'covert surveillance' around the bungalow.



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