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Close Down Sandford House Reporting Centre!

one of Brum Noborders | 23.06.2006 15:25 | Refugee Week 2006 | Migration | Birmingham

The following audio file is an interview with a Zimbabwean woman (who unsurprisingly wishes to remain anonymous) who tells us about her experiences of being detained whilst signing at Sandford House Home Office Reporting Centre in Solihull and taken to Yarlswood detention centre.

There is a regular monthly protest on the last friday of the month at Solihull's Home Office Reporting Centre from 12pm - 2pm, called by Birmingham Noborders and Birmingham's Anti-Racist Campaign - details of the protest are below.

The music in the report is by Vince and the percussion by John. You can hear this song along with others including film, poetry, discussion and live bands at the Birmingham Noborders benefit on the evening of the monthly demo at Sandford House - Friday 30th June, 8pm - 2am at the Spotted Dog in Digbeth Birmingham.

In the interview she describes how she was snatched and abused by yellow jacketed 'escorts' whilst signing at Sandford House and subsequently taken to the immigration prison that is Yarlswood detention centre.

She tells of her experiences in Yarlswood and the unimaginable state of limbo thousands of Refugees experience whilst awaiting a decision from the Home Office. She also tells of the horror of a young woman who was forcibly deported whilst naked from Yarlswood and who was filmed by the detention centre staff. The Home Office later denied they had abused and filmed the detainee.

Please come and show your anger and disgust at the Border Regime on Friday 30th June at Solihull's Home Office Reporting Centre.

Sandford House Home Office Reporting Centre - mp3 13M

Scrap the weekly reporting!
End detention and dawn raids!
Stop the deportation of persons seeking asylum!

Demonstration - Home Office Reporting Centre
Friday 30th June
12.00pm to 2.00pm
Sandford House
41 Homer Road
West Midlands
(2-3 minutes' walk from the train/bus station)

Point of disappearance

Many persons seeking asylum go through the front door of Sandford House and are never seen again. On entry to the building they are captured by immigration officials and transported to detention centres for forced deportation.

On the last Friday of every month, Birmingham NoBorders and Birmingham Anti-Racist Campaign stage a demonstration at the Home Office Reporting Centre in Solihull to protest against the inhumane treatment of asylum seekers throughout the border regime. From the stupid weekly reporting to detention centres, the system is designed to deny people their basic human rights and dignity.
Sandford House (41 Homer Road, Solihull) is the Home Office's regional Repoting Centre, where asylum seekers from across the West Midlands are forced to "sign on" on a weekly basis. Many people have "disappeared" from there without warning. "Snatch squads" in prison vans also operate from the Centre, forcibly snatching families and vulnerable people in "dawn raids". They are subsequently incarcerated in the UK's network of detention centres in terrible conditions. They then face the prospect of being forcibly deported back to war zones or oppressive regimes from whence they had fled.

Come along and show your anger and disgust!

Last Friday of every month 12.00pm, to 2.00pm

Sandford House, 41 Homer Road, Solihull

(2-3 minutes' walk from the train/bus station)

Birmingham NoBorders is a network of activists who stand against repression and all forms of border control and struggle for the freedom of movement for all people. E-mail:

Birmingham Anti-Racist Campaign is a campaigning organisation fighting against racism and for the rights of migrants, past and present, to this country. We believe in banning all immigration controls and enabling people to move and live with dignity wherever they wish.

one of Brum Noborders