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J30 - where are the class struggle anarchists?

The ghost of solidarity fetishism | 28.06.2011 16:13 | J30 Strike

For years class struggle anarchists in the UK have been waging war against lifestyle anarchists for the legitimacy of anarchist identity.

Previously lifestyle anarchists had their summit protests and 'big set pieces' much, being the most active, gaining the most attention, much to the chagrin of the class struggle anarchists who would emphasise, mostly on the internet, the importance of anarchists organising in their workplaces and in their communities. Class struggle anarchism became a badge of honour amongst anarchists who would distance themselves from any sort visible activity.

Class struggle anarchism was just waiting for their moment when the balance of class forces would mean their ideas would be relevant, and accessible to ordinary working class people.

Given most class struggle anarchists work in the public sector, and J30 is a genuine (i.e. universal) class conflict where the fuck are all the class struggle anarchists?

Do they exist? Are they a kind of inverse black bloc - they only come out when there is not class conflict to be seen on the streets? Where's the propaganda? The outreach? The organising in our workplaces? The communities of resistance?

Now should be the perfect opportunity for class struggle anarchists to stake a claim in the real world. And yet it is the lifestyle activism of UK Uncut who have ingratiated themselves with the trade unionists, with the media and with anybody who actually gives a shit about June 30th.

We say to the class struggle anarchists: WHERE ARE YOU? Stand up. Identify yourselves, make an impact, make some noise, you're not going to get a better opportunity.

The ghost of solidarity fetishism


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