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Faslane Blockade: Timeline

dispatch | 04.07.2005 06:37 | G8 2005 | Anti-militarism

A 'Really Really Big Blockade' type direct action by Trident Ploughshares (TP) and CND is planned for Faslane nuclear submarine base. Coaches left from Glasgow and Edinburgh. This timeline gives news as they are coming in the dispatch phone at 07901 778 062 and 07050 686 844.

Sunday night: The police came and wanted to visit the camp: said they were never before here and it is quite famous so they would like to see it. But they weren't allowed in and they left. Then about 2 hours later (11pm) about 5 vans full of cops came. Some of the coppers were wearing storm masks and they came to the fires at the entrance of the peace camp. - but apparently cops were wearing storm masks as protection against midgets. Cops then left without further incident, leaving only 3 coppers behind.



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