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Faslane Blockade: Timeline

dispatch | 04.07.2005 06:37 | G8 2005 | Anti-militarism

A 'Really Really Big Blockade' type direct action by Trident Ploughshares (TP) and CND is planned for Faslane nuclear submarine base. Coaches left from Glasgow and Edinburgh. This timeline gives news as they are coming in the dispatch phone at 07901 778 062 and 07050 686 844.

Sunday night: The police came and wanted to visit the camp: said they were never before here and it is quite famous so they would like to see it. But they weren't allowed in and they left. Then about 2 hours later (11pm) about 5 vans full of cops came. Some of the coppers were wearing storm masks and they came to the fires at the entrance of the peace camp. - but apparently cops were wearing storm masks as protection against midgets. Cops then left without further incident, leaving only 3 coppers behind.



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update 8:30

04.07.2005 08:08

protestors still arriving and taking their places at the different gates. Midgets currently a bigger problem then cops. Everything rather relaxed.


update 7:30

04.07.2005 08:10

250 people at Southgate. People locked on.


update (:15

04.07.2005 08:17

one person just got into the gates. gates are now shut. estimated number of people: 2000.


0930 update

04.07.2005 08:38

Confirming all gates have been blockaded with people locking on and their supporters - that's the north gate, south gate, oil depot gate etc. There are more people protesting than previous large blockades of the base, with more people arriving.

The person who breached the perimiter in fact scalled the fence before running off into the base - later being arrested by a dog handler.

Caroline Lucas and Tommy Sheridon are amoung those locking on at the gates.

One campaigner said: "How can anyone take seriously a governemnt promising to alleviate poverty worldwide when that same governemnt indulges in illegal wars, deploys genocidal weapons systems and profist from a viscious trade in arms."


1045 update

04.07.2005 09:47

Very little change - all calm, weather ok - good atmosphere.

Sound system playing music at the SouthGate, and a Samba band at the NorthGate - people re-enforcing between gates.


12.50 update

04.07.2005 11:57

12.55pm : All gates remain blockaded - people in high spirits. Clown army has a presence there as well as many other groups.



04.07.2005 12:50

Dear dispatch, - "Midgets currently a bigger problem then cops"......? Gosh!

I'm not sure your terminology is entirely politically correct - but I'm intrigued to see the photos of this action nonetheless. Should be interesting!!!

PS. Watch out for the mosquitoes. They can be awful at this time of year ;o)

Small Person

No photos yet?

04.07.2005 20:03

I can't wait to see those photos.

And BTW, it's the midges in Scotland!

Another Small person

Anna Silvestro
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