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Faslane: First report

04.07.2005 08:01 | G8 2005 | Anti-militarism

Protestors arrived at Faslane. At the moment the midges are a bigger problem then the cops...

people have been arriving all night. some problems with people travelling there on sunday due to bad public transport, and some reported problems with mainstream media buses using the car park where the activist shuttle buses where supposed to meet.

A lot of mainstream media attention: at least 10 satelite trucks, nearly all mainstream media focussing on one of the gates North Gate. Estimated: 30 buses of protestors.

Who's there: a division of the Insurgent Rebel Clown Army, Pink & Silver Samba Band, Geishas for Peace, politicians: Thommy Sheridan (MSP and former leader of the SSP; currently interviewed by a lot of main stream media) and MSP Mark Ballard.

At the North gate at about 8 am: police was waiting for protestors to get in place, about 50 ppl sitting there, a lot of different banners hanging from the fences. New groups arriving and taking their agreed places at the different gates. Protestors were running late (arriving at 7:45 and 8:00) instead of 6:30.

Medics running around providing protestors with teatree oil against midges. Protestors hungry and thirsty after leaving after leaving at 4am.

people are also walking up from the local villages to take part. people of all ages here: from babies to grandmothers, lots of Socialist Worker papersellers on the north gate.

Police trying to be extremely friendly and helpfull, though they do not always let cars or buses stop on the road. There is a total parking restriction around the base.

Helicopters, a police boat, and a some army speed boats are speeding around on Gare Loch.

mood is very vey fluffy, everything is moving quite slowly there apparantly


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