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Stop Cowley Road CCTV!

Winston Smith | 18.07.2007 09:46 | Repression | Oxford

Your chance to stop CCTV along the Cowley Road (from The Plain to The Regal).....

Jim Trotman, Police Area Commander for Oxford, is going to be at the East Area Parliament meeting TONIGHT to beg for CCTV along the Cowley Road.

Come along at 6.30pm - St Clement's Family Centre, Cross Street (off Princes St).

Local Councillors have spent years resisting CCTV - come along tonight to support them and let the Police know you don't want residents to be watched 24 hours a day just because a few people can't control their alcohol intake at 11pm!

It's not just about civil liberties - all it will do is push any problems down side streets! There is no evidence that CCTV prevents crimes, it just makes arrests a bit easier! AND then there's the mammoth cost of keeping CCTV running (tens of thousands of £'s) AND the fact that when the local Police are hit with more massive (Government inforced) cuts next year they could argue that communty beat Police can go because the CCTV can do the community policing instead!

Stop this Orwellian rot before it's too late.....

Winston Smith


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