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Occupiers ready to resist Broadway Market Eviction.

Jen Trification | 04.01.2006 16:42 | Globalisation | Social Struggles | London

Over 30 people watched the sun rise from the roof of Tony's cafe, occupied for weeks by the local community resisting gentrification, ready to resist the Bailiffs once again ( this is the 5th attempt at eviction !).

Occupiers have vowed to resist the eviction of Tony's cafe once again at 34 Broadway Market, Hackney. This morning several dozen people were inside the building and on the roof waiting for the Bailiffs, the mood was one of exspectation and exhiliration as we saw supporters rise from their warm beds at 5am and stand in the street below the barricaded building waving and cheering the occupiers on.

However the eviction crews never arrived, and so we are calling on people to come back tonight if they can, in case they try to evict on thursday morning. ....

If you havent visited yet this might be your last chance - until we re occupy and rebuild the building again !!!!

Jen Trification
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