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small WORLD interview with Richard M. Smith, Digital Privacy

small WORLD Podcast | 04.01.2006 21:32 | Culture | Repression | Technology | World

Interview with Richard M. Smith about digital privacy.

Richard M. Smith
Richard M. Smith

Interview with Richard M. Smith. We discuss how to tell if someone has been reading your email;; finding out what kind of emails the National Security Agency and what email providers might be helping out the NSA; is President Bush overstepping boundries on domestic spying?; the first attack on the World Trade Center; going to Afghanistan to shut down al-Qaeda; is trading civil liberties to combat the war on terrorism realistic?; Mohammed Atef dialing the wrong number; monitoring who visits the White House web site; when he decided to change his focus on software engineeering to privacy issues; can DIRECTV monitor all the shows you are watching?; secure digital privacy from the government to the manufacturors to the consumers; encrypting your hard drive; transactions and surveillance at Amazon; RFIDs, embedded networking processors and cookies; can we live under unrelenting scrutiny?; credit card companies becoming life raiders; Tony Blair and the Microsoft Word dossier; where is digital surveillance taking us?

Featured song is "Untitled" by Triple Ave.

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