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Brick Lane London E1 Area Manifesto 2006 against the Crossrail hole Bill

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Part B of the Brick Lane London E1 Area Manifesto 2006 for the scheduled May local council election to the east London borough of Tower Hamlets Council. That Council has been controlled by elements that are pro
Big Business and pro the city of London interests. The result is that a serious assault on the East End of London under the Crossrail hole Bill is due to be made lawful. The best way to stop[ this is to make the local Council representative of the community which needs and deserves fullest support and defence by its 'elected local council'. This manifesto has been drawn up to hell that defence.

© The Author / CBRUK / KHOODEELAAR 2006
Brick Lane London E1 Area campaign against the Crossrail hole Bill
London 1100 Hrs Wednesday 4 January 2006

Why a manifesto ?

The current Tower Hamlets Council’s controlling group is made up of councillors who got elected without a traceable manifesto in 2002.

Since that election, there has been no evidence of any audit by the people in Tower Hamlets of the behaviour of those councillors or of that Council. The audit cannot take place or if one is attempted it cannot be an effective one without a frame of reference to make sense of the actual behaviour of the councillors.

By all independent accounts, the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Council has abolished local peoples’ democratic say.

On the Crossrail hole Bill and the collusion with the promotion of that Bill by controlling group councillors. Over the past five years. With not a jot or an iota of their secret contacts with he City of London and the Crossrail hole promoters being made known to the local electors. To the local community in Tower Hamlets.

Who are the controlling group on Tower Hamlets Council loyal to?

Answer: To Crossrail hole Bill promoters.
To Big Business interests that represent their colluders in the City of London,

Tower Hamlets Council is one of the most notorious users of ‘inner cities deprivation funding’ from the UK central Government and via the UK central Government.

Tower Hamlets Council is not delivering democratic representation to the people in Tower Hamlets. The controlling group on Tower Hamlets Council has effectively abolished all pretences to local democracy.

This is evident in the dishonest and the corrupt way that the controlling group of councillors on Tower Hamlets Council has colluded with the actual interests that are (and have been for the past four years) pushing for the uneconomic Crossrail plan to be given UK parliamentary approval in the Crossrail hole Bill.

That Crossrail hole Bill is currently scheduled to be tokenistically ‘scrutinised’ by a group of MPs before Tony Blair pushes it through the two Houses of UK Parliament making it the ‘Crossrail Act’ and thus giving the Big Business and City of London interests the ‘powers’ to carry out their planned assault on the Brick Lane London E1 Area.

The Crossrail hole Bill scheme plotters and planners will wreak havoc on the East End community by destroying peoples’ lives, their families and their livelihoods.

The Crossrail hole will destroy homes and the spaces and the environment in the Brick Lane London E1 Area .

It will also have long term and immediate destructive effects on the wider parts of the East End.

The price the East End of London will pay will not be recoverable.

And yet that price need not have to be paid.

The fact that the Crossrail hole plan is at all included in the Crossrail hole Bill is to do with the undemocratic, the unrepresentative and the untenable role played by the VERY small but the ‘controlling group’ of councillors on Tower Hamlets Council.

They have behaved dishonestly throughout and have done so despite it being pointed out to them by the local community that their behaviour would constitute grounds for several legal claims against them and against the particularly identifiable senior employees in the present Tower Hamlets Council.

That state of affairs has existed because there has been no political action within the Council or within any of the officially recognised political groups 'listed' on the current Tower Hamlets Council to either monitor the conduct of Tower Hamlet council or to hold the anti-community controlling group of councillors or their colluding employees on the Council to proper political account.

Key points from the KHOODEELAAR! MANIFESTO 2006 Part B published in London UK at 1100 Hrs GMT on Wednesday 4 January 2006

1. KHOODEELAAR the Brick Lane London E1 Area campaign against the Crossrail hole Bill will provide maximum possible support for the widest possible public attention to be drawn to the conduct of the controlling group that makes the decisions ‘in the name of and as the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Council’ in relation to ALL uses of the ‘resources, human and material and the revenues, the reserves, the stocks, the powers, facilities, influence’ of the LBTH Council over land, properties, the environment, the Council duties, Council links with any party or parties whose objects, aims and plans and or tactics or strategies are or may be in conflict with the interest of the community in Tower Hamlets

2. KHOODEELAAR the Brick Lane London E1 Area campaign against the Crossrail hole Bill will monitor the behaviour of the 'key' employees in the LBTH Council in relation to the above and will put in place a system whereby any violating behaviour by any employee of the LBTH Council is first drawn to attention of the employees themselves for rectification failing which the implications of the behaviour will be drawn to the public attention of the local community in Tower Hamlets.

3. Any ‘key’ or ‘senior’ employee in the LBTH Council (or any of their counterparts acting as a one off contractor or as an agent or ‘representative’ of any duration and acting in the name of the corporate legal entity of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Council ) who is authoritatively and reliably known and or is found to have been engaged in any identifiable or actual conduct or behaviour (whether actively or passively) to conceal from the local community the facts of the LBTH Council’s collusion with any agency or agencies in the promotion of the Crossrail hole plan affecting the Brick Lane London E1 Area community or similarly affecting any other part of the Borough will be named and their role will be featured in the community audit of Tower Hamlets Council that will be held from time to time.

4. KHOODEELAAR the Brick Lane London E1 Area campaign against the Crossrail hole Bill will publish - or cause to be published - the key findings of the independent investigation under the auspices of the London Community Audit Network (un-funded and totally party politically and financially independent organisation for the defence of the democratic rights of the people across London) into the collusion by the controlling clique on Tower Hamlets Council in the period 2001 - 2005 (so far) with Crossrail hole plan promoters so far.

5. The publication will take place to give the local community the facts of what the Tower Hamlets Council is being used for and by who and with what negative, devastating consequences to the community and against the welfare, safety and future of the people in the community.

6. KHOODEELAAR the Brick Lane London E1 Area campaign against the Crossrail hole Bill will ask each councillor to make an immediate and public and fully factual and comprehensive statement on their own understanding and preferences on the Crossrail hole Bill attack on the Brick lane London E1 Area especially in view of the fact that those councillors who were each given a personally addressed copy of all the relevant Questions and analyses by the CBRUK - KHOODEELAAR ! campaign between March 2004 and May 2004 have failed to make any comment to the community about what they (these councillors) think about the Crossrail hole attack plan on the community. Many of the same councillors are already known to be included as candidates for the scheduled May 2006 election to the Tower Hamlets Council.

[Part C of the manifesto to appear in the next week]

Explanatory notes on the KHOODEELAAR! MANIFESTO 2006 AGAINST THE CROSSRAIL hole Bill -

THIS KHOODEELAAR ! Manifesto is a programme of action that the party publishing it will implement in office following an ordinary election. Here, the KHOODEELAAR campaign is not NECESSARILY fielding candidates for election to the Tower Hamlets Council at the scheduled May 2006 local council election. This manifesto is an advance guidance for observance by those who will seek election to the Tower Hamlets Council and the terms of this manifesto will form the full set of references against which the conduct of the elected councillors will be audited by the community generally and by the KHOODEELAAR! campaign in particular.

The Tower Hamlets borough-wide implications of the KHOODEELAAR MANIFESTO 2006, will be felt by and or be relevant to all ordinary members of the population in the East London borough in relation to their consideration and understanding of the behaviour of the ‘elected Tower Hamlets councillors’ [in the individual capacities of those councillors on issues that are raised with them for representation on behalf of the electors - whether or not the electors actually cast their votes or if they voted for the councillor concerned) over any matter that may become the subject of any contention, dispute or debate or controversy related to the use and or the abuse of the ‘constitutional powers of the elected holder of office on a local council’ or over any matter related to or arising from the undemocratic, improper, sleazy or corrupt behaviour of a given councillor or of more than one councillor.

KHOODEELAAR Manifesto 2006 against the Crossrail hole Bill also will be citable, de facto, as a frame of democratic references for the establishment of a democratic right [or more than one right] in the context of the legally definable and the statutory duties [and the remits] of the elected councillor/s and those of the decision-making components or units, agents, agencies and ‘employees’ of the ‘elected Council’ in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

The facts of the publication in December 2005 and in January 2006 of the KHOODEELAAR Manifesto 2006 against the Crossrail hole Bill will be relevant evidence in any formal court or legal proceedings that members of the local community - individually or as group/s- may take or may find themselves involved in, in support of the existence from the dates of the publication of the democratic demands and guidance for the candidates seeking election to the Tower Hamlets Council at the scheduled May 2006 local council election.

KHOODEELAAR the Brick Lane London E1 Area campaign against the Crossrail hole Bill will - between now and the last moment of any ordinary ‘election campaign’ in connection with the scheduled May 2006 local council election in Tower Hamlets - draw attention of the community to all verifiable cases of abuses and false claims by either any existing councillor/s or by anyone definitely planning to be a candidate to become a councillor after the May 2006 scheduled council election.

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Constitutional law queries
Any original constitutional law or legal queries on the KHOODEELAAR Manifesto 2006 against the Crossrail hole Bill may be addressed via e-mail [total texts in the initial message may not exceed 200 words] to

[KHOODEELAAR may add or amend the texts later, taking account of events that are unforeseen at the time of publishing this version. However, the principles of defending the community against the Crossrail hole scheme shall be maintained unaltered]

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