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report on GM debate, Exeter

roderick X | 07.09.2004 11:19 | Bio-technology | Education | Technology

this is my report.. it is only short, i shalll attempt to work on it a bit more, flesh it out.. etc.. etc...

last night i attended a public meeting entitled:

GM farm scale evalutions and env data 2004

the science behind the headlines...

this is my brief report,,

the original question possed by Mr.M. Meacher, 1998, was

"How will growing GM crops effect farmland wildlife?"

this was the basis for the study commisioned on behalf of DEFRA

the total budget was approx 5.9million uk pounds

the Royal Society Journal Published the study/ data, in a 150 page report. i will attempt to obtain a copy

the study was done, i quote, " '[with a mind to] create' ...informed farming practice."


speaker: Chris Pollack

Chair of ACRE
says there was a four year study

gene flow paper by M.Wilkinson


ACRE says there have never been any liscences given for GM versions of th BT soil virus in th UK and that they have not been cleared for commercial use. (in th UK)


report by roderick

for cornwall


and the UK

with love and respect, always

roderick X


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