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A Love Declaration to the WOMBLES

ER | 18.10.2004 20:34 | European Social Forum | Free Spaces | London

Thanks for organising "Beyond ESF".Thanks to Anarchist Teapot, too, who provided the food and the Chiapas Solidarity group for providing excelllent coffee.
Thanks too for the groovy student union at Middlesex University - it definitely can be recommended to study there whatsoever!

Dear Wombles,

thank you so much for all you have done for us, for setting up the Beyond ESF space, providing us all with food, appreciation, recognition, love and shelter, with music, party, and good vibes and courage, empowerment and determination (all free but donations).
Thanks for taking care of us by putting yourself at risk, for cleaning up muddy toilets at 3 am in the morning, for inviting us all to come to London for one of the best week ever had in the autonomous and social movements, to put in so much work to create a place we could feel home, participate in, relax, to learn from, about and with each other on an equal basis, to work together without having to compete, to get to know, understand and appreciate each other just for being there.

Thanks for struggling to reform the official ESF, thanks for setting up the accomodation, thanks for organising “Beyond ESF”, thanks for participating at the actions.

Hope our comrades are out soon.
Best wishes and solidarity



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  1. ditto — Sheffield anarcho