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Smash EDO camp and actions continue despite police repression

dismantle the war machine | 29.08.2007 17:23 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Terror War | London | South Coast

6pm update:

At about lunch time today, fifteen cops arrived on site and seized one tent which someone was sleeping in at the time.

Between 3pm and 3:30pm there was an action where someone attempted to lock-on to a TNT lorry which had just come from the EDO depot at the bottom of Home Farm Road. Whilst someone attempted to lock-on to the lorry they were arrested. Police then searched the four other people present and came back to seize a video camera. During the process of seizing the video camera, a woman was arrested for "obstructing a police officer". Both arrestees are at Hollingbury police station.

Despite the bylaw that materialised this morning, where Sussex Police claimed protesters couldn't make any noise, there was a very successful noise demo from 4pm - 6pm.

The protester who was bitten by the EDO security guard's dog yesterday has been hospitalised. He has damage to a tendon and is awaiting surgery in hospital. The police failed to take any action against the dog at the time even though it also bit an EDO member of staff.

The Smash EDO camp is still very operational and it's warm enough to sleep out despite the lack of tents and the atmosphere is nice and relaxed.

More news as it comes tomorrow..

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