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December 2002: Argentina, D19–21 one year on.

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'i' the film - screening tour

09-10-2006 22:14

Indymedia meeting at protest
Touring the UK this week, 'i' the film expands on the explosive prequel, "Eye of the Storm" and examines the relationship between media and power as manifest by the worlds largest all volunteer network of media activists - Indymedia. Further Links: 'i' The Film website | European tour schedule | Film reviews | Report and Audio from Nottingham Screening | Argentina Indymedia | Wikipedia on Indymedia | Indymedia at the Camp for Climate Action 2006

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Argentinian film makers screen Indymedia film in Nottingham

04-10-2006 13:46

Indymedia web team meeting at roadblock

Argentinian film makers including director Andres Ingoglia will visit Nottingham next week as part of the european tour of their film "i". The film is a meditation on the relationship between media and power as it is manifested by the worlds largest all volunteer network of media activists: 'Indymedia'. The feature-length documentary follows the first year of a small collective in Buenos Aires as it struggles amidst assassinations, a collapsing economy, and a whirlwind of political upheaval.

The film will be screened as a one-off in Nottingham at the Sumac Centre on Thursday 12th October, where the film's director will introduce the film and answer questions. Food will be served from 6pm and the film starts at 7.30pm at the Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone Street, Forest Fields, Nottingham. During its UK tour the film is also screened in London, Brighton, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Report: Report and Audio from Screening

Links: "i" The Film website | Schedule UK and Europe tour | Film reviews | Argentina Indymedia | Video Indymedia | Wikipedia on Indymedia | Notts Indymedia 'Video Stuff...'

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Workers' power in Argentina

05-02-2006 11:17

Worker at Zanon Factory

A WORKER from the famous occupied Zanon factory in Argentina is speaking at a meeting in Brighton on Monday February 13. Jose Julian Penunuri is currently touring the UK and will be at The Brighthelm Centre in North Road from 7.30pm to 9.15pm.

In December 2001, in the midst of economic collapse, Argentia exploded as unemployed activists, impoverished savers and workers occupied the streets, attacked the banks and took over their workplaces. The Zanon tile factory in Neuquen is one of many 'recovered' factories in Argentina - factories taken over and run by the workers.

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Argentina rebellion anniversary

21-12-2002 23:00


On December 19th and 20th massive mobilizations took place in Buenos Aires, throughout Argentina and around the world, to mark the 1 year anniversary of the popular rebellion in Argentina ousting former President Fernando de la Rua.

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Direct Democracy Evolves From Economic Crisis

22-02-2002 23:00


Tens of thousands of Argentines converged last weekend in Buenos Aires to forge alliances and develop alternatives to the economic and political crisis that is gripping their country. Through public meetings and protests, people from virtually every sector of Argentine society are taking matters into their own hands to come up with solutions to problems that their government and economists have failed to resolve.

On Friday, thousands of people converged in downtown to occupy Plaza de Mayo for a cacerolazo and to camp out overnight. On Saturday, an unprecedented gathering of workers and piqueteros occurred downtown. On Sunday, local asambleas from around the country converged in Buenos Aires for a national asamblea. And, in some parts of the country, workers have taken over and are running factories that owners have abandoned.

Once a model student of the International Monetary Fund and promoted as a model for the rest of Latin America to follow, Argentina fell into crisis under the weight of about $140 billion in international debt and has instead become a model of an imploding neoliberal economy. One observer described Argentina as "a laboratory of struggle."

Get regular video updates from Argentina by the German video collective Kanal B

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Personal responses to the crisis in Argentina

30-12-2001 23:00

Dec 30 2001

Recent events in Argentina, where the collapse of the De la Rua presidency was dipicted as only looting and random violence gave a limited and one sided picture of the deep social unrest. There was scant coverage in the mainstream media of the organised groups that took to the streets in anger and fustration at the corruption of the Argentinian political class and the IMF/WB imposed austerity measures.

The following reports give a deeper personal insight into the need for political change and social justice in Argentina:

- First hand account from the Plaza de Mayo
- Women respond to the crisis in Argentina
- A quick report while we still breath tear gas.
- Statement of the PTS (Workers Party for Socialism)

For more up-to-date coverage see: Argentina Indymedia

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