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Lies Damn Lies, and Dominion Housing Group

Roger P Murphy (The Nemesis of Social Housing) | 03.10.2006 13:32 | Social Struggles | London

Dominion Housing Group, (formerly Acton Housing Association)
Have always despised tenants who speak out against their
paternalistic, and oppressive housing policies.
Indeed, those who do find themselves "marked for eviction"
using questionable methods.

Housing associations, Social Housing, or "Registered Social Landlords"
(Or perhaps that should be "certified" social landlords).
They are the current favourite of New Labour whom appear to favour them in providing Mr Prescott's warped housing vision.
They are used as the final death nell of Council Housing.
They are a "semi-private enterprise" receive funding from that other unaccountable
quango The Housing Corporation, and funding from other Private schemes.

Having been a tenant for over twenty years I have become disillusioned and angered by the whole social housing enterprise and its seething hypocracy.

They are one of the most oppressive, unaccountable regimes ever to have been unleashed against non-home owners.

The bullying regime I am to writing about are one of the most despicable,
and go by the rather arrogant, megalomaniacal name of Dominion Housing Group.

Formerly, and up until recently they were called Acton Housing Association,
but changed their name due to the large numbers of complaints about their appalling track record on matters of antisocial behaviour, inferior quality housing and poor services delivery.

In 2004 the government "window dressers" (The Audit Commission) actually reviewed them and gave them "one star" in terms of tenant involvement, and service delivery.

But regardless of this (and the subsequent name change) they have not evolved or improved.
So a change of name but arrogantly no change in attitude.

I was elected to the rather hastily formed "tenants forum" and it was hoped that I could contribute to and influence policies regarding service delivery, ASB and the built environment.
But I was deluding myself, why? because I was a tenant.
Thus I had fallen at the first hurdle, not being a member of staff, no matter what myself and other tenant's said to their pompous staff, it would not make the slightest difference towards the way Dominion housing group conducted its affairs.

Thats the whole beauty of housing associations you see, they are completely unaccountable, and answerable to no one!

Therefore, if the housing association wanted to "cleanse" itself of a certain subversive tenant, its is so simple to achieve, and there is nothing what so ever the tenant could do about it.

Alas, that is precisely what has befallen my wife and I.

We have for many years criticised our landlords weak, inept policy on nuisance and antisocial behaviour.

But, recently, we have found ourselves being accused by our neighbours (4 malicious conspirators) of nuisance.

Outraged by these maliciously motivated lies, we went to Dominion housing group to see a housing officer.
We saw this very impolite and arrogant, female housing officer.
Well nothing too unusual in that as the staff at Dominion are all arrogant and impolite.

So we desperately, tried to counter these malicious allegations, but it was a futile process, we might just as well have been speaking to a plank of wood.

And so, despite our protests of innocence and the complete lack of any evidence
by our scheming criminal neighbours, we now find ourselves "labelled" stigmatised, with an apparent forthcoming "Notice Seeking Possession".

This is Dominion housing groups social cleansing policy, a convenient and cowardly method which can not be challeged legally.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that all social housing tenants learn from our experiences, that any critcism of their social housing provider will result in malodorous lies being orchestrated by their landlord and neighbours which will result in their home being taken from them.

Regardless of the power Dominion housing group may perceive it has, one thing is certain, they and other unaccountable RSL's underestermate your tenant's at your peril, I for one will never give up my fight against that insidious bunch of liars called Dominion housing group, they can hide behind their army of lawyers for now, but the inevitablility of your demise is coming.

Roger P Murphy (The Nemesis of Social Housing)
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