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Student Action against Bush Builds

Joel Kenrick | 18.11.2003 14:34 | Anti-militarism | Ecology | Globalisation | London

London Students to hold a theatrical picket of Exxon-Mobil HQ as part of George W Bush State Visit. LSE Student Union voted for a 'teach-in/sit-in' today ahead of the protests.

Students from across London are preparing for three days of action against George W Bush, with protests across the city on the war with Iraq, human rights and the environment. Tomorrow (Wednesday) students and activists from around the country will descend on the Exxon-Mobil London HQ on the Aldwch at 16:30 to show their opposition to Esso’s close links with the Bush administration and inaction on Climate Change. The colourful and noisy protest will include dozens of tigers, huge globes and a cowboy as they seek to highlight the big business connections with Bush.

The protest follows an overwhelming vote of the London School of Economics Student Union this morning to support the protests taking place throughout the week and to hold a ‘teach-in’ on war and the social and environmental costs of Bush.

Tomorrow students will take part in a day of action around London, including a roaming Street Party meeting at Malet Street at 12:00 and a Resist Bush ‘Tea Party’ outside Buckingham Palace at 15:00. Student insiders suggest that the weeks events are building a huge momentum for the huge Stop the War March on Thursday. Some are suggesting that across London thousands of students will walk out of lectures to attend what is expected to be the biggest weekday protest ever held in Britain.

Sophie Hug, People and Planet London representative and LSE student said:
“The response from students across London has been extraordinary. Already LSE and UCL are holding teach-ins and the planned protests on Wednesday and Thursday are building beyond anything we imagined. I think students are really relishing the chance to tell George W Bush what they really think of him.”

- For more information contact Joel Kenrick 07901692296. Interviews with Sophie Hug and LSE People and Planet Chair Ben Castle are also available.
- People & Planet (formally Third World First) is the largest student network in Britain campaigning to alleviate world poverty, defend human rights and protect the environment. For more info contact or 01865245678. People and Planet student groups from around the county will be sending students to take part in the events on Wednesday.

Joel Kenrick