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Asbestos deaths- please, can you spare a minute to email a message of support

Save Spodden Valley - International Asbestos Memorial | 26.04.2006 09:25 | Health | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | World

An International Asbestos Memorial for the 5,000,000 people who may die of asbestos related disease.
The United Nations International Labour Organisation estimate current asbestos related deaths are 100,000 pa.
This Friday on Workers Memorial Day there is a united call for an worldwide ban on asbestos...

This Friday April 28th at 3.30pm a memorial to all victims of asbestos disease is to be unveiled in Rochdale. Everybody is welcome to attend. There will be refreshments served in Rochdale Town Hall afterwards.

Although Rochdale was the birthplace of the multinational Turner & Newall asbestos conglomerate, the memorial is intended for ALL victims of asbestos disease, worldwide- past present and future.

Please could you spare a few of minutes to email our campaign?
Please could you also let others know about the memorial.

-messages of REMEMBRANCE, SOLIDARITY or SUPPORT would be very much appreciated. They will be placed in Rochdale Town Hall on the day of the ceremony. The story of how asbestos has affected your friends, neighbours, colleagues and loved ones needs to be heard.

Just a minutes or so of your time today could help pass that important message on.

Thank you.

Save Spodden Valley - International Asbestos Memorial
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  1. Asbestos? Better late than never! — Dick Bank