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Pic of Nepali Embassy, London Demonstration

Simon Johnson | 25.04.2006 17:23 | Repression | Social Struggles | London | World

Some of us decided to show our solidarity with the Nepali people’s movement.

Nepali Protestors
Nepali Protestors

Despite the so called good news of the King’s capitulation, some of us decided to show our solidarity with the Nepali people’s movement. The police erected dozens of crowd barriers, so we had one each!

I had the privilege of meeting a great bunch of, slightly soggy, enthusiasts including David Seddon and Yuri Prasad.

The Police told us that the road the Embassy is on is private. They even restricted our presence on the same side as the entrance to Kensington Gardens. They informed us that our presence might constitute civil disobedience if we didn't stand in the allotted patch on the other side of the street slightly down, and out of sight, of any sensitive Embassy personnel.

The question arises as to why British tax payers are funding our public police to act as private security guards on a private road? Why every Tom, Dick and Harry went down that 'private' road without question? Why the Police mentioned civil disobedience when all 3 of us were doing was standing on Bayswater Road? I think the answer is fascism.

Please send me an email if you are planning any further actions.

Thanks to everyone who came.


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  1. civil disobedience — ain't a crime