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Pictures from Stop The War March (part 2)

Camera Boy | 27.02.2007 12:26 | Anti-militarism | Iraq | Cambridge | London

Here's the second installment of those pictures...

News has reached me just today that the government is now trying it's luck with attempting to restrict all street photography, meaning that any of you out there reading this (including of course yours truly) could have your liberties seriously curtailed at events like last Saturday's march.

The proposal is to bring in a permit/ID card - I kid you not!
Permission to express one's self.

However, THEY can monitor, record and spy on us as much they like, with their CCTV, Speed Cameras, Special Branch and so-called F.I.T. Squads.

UnF.I.T. for purpose more like!


Camera Boy


need to resist camera restrictions

27.02.2007 15:30

It's vital we resist this - a world where the only photographic evidence is police evidence (and we know how easily they mislay footage) is not a world I want to live in. Is anyone/are any groups co-ordinating resistance on this?


Further Reading...

28.02.2007 15:33

I've just recieved the following links, which 'flesh out' this story a little more.

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Camera Boy