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An alleged international security expert from the US? CIA?

Not your ABC | 27.02.2007 04:58 | Analysis | Repression | Terror War | World

No question in my mind, sorry! I think we need to get Smart! What do you think 99?


AUSTRALIA: SYD: An alleged international security expert [CIA] says the Indonesian Government needs to do more to stop the social spread of terrorist group Jemaah Islamiah (JI). [A CIA fictional demon that just happens to be on our doorstep]

Zachary Abuza from the United States has addressed a National Security Conference in Sydney today.

Professor Abuza says although the Indonesian Government has done a lot in arresting members of JI, it is not looking at the start of JI's spread into charity work.

He says the Australian Government and others in the region need to be vigilant about the change of JI from a secret society into one that is trying to spread its influence. [Be Alert and Alarmed?]

"What matters to the Australian Government is that Indonesians are probably not taking this seriously enough," he said.

Of course not they're the loose pin on the grenade just take the CIA false flag in Bali in 2002 when they wanted to go to war with Iraq.

Threat in Australia

Oh my God! Fear, fear, fear, just what John Howard needed!

Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) director-general Paul O'Sullivan says he does not want to specify how many terrorists there could be in Australia.

But we found out yesterday as reported.

Didn't they get this article? Perhaps we should send it to them?


Document says 15 Million Australians planning terrorist attacks

A leaked Australian intelligence document says Australian politicians are facing a greater threat from terrorists than at any time since the September 11 false flag operations by the US neocons in the US in 2001.


Mr O'Sullivan has told the conference there has been an increase in the number of potential radicals in Australia.

Especially if you need support to go to war on Iran?

What about if you need to win an election?

Or would you believe that war criminal John Howard needs to send more militants to Iraq and Afghanistan?

How about we need to spend more money on security?

Would you believe that Peter Debnam needs to win the NSW State election?

He says while Australia's threat level has not changed since 2001, it is feasible an attack could occur.

Especially if we need a bit more fear aye?

What about those rocket launchers people get from the (ADF) Australian War Force?

But Mr O'Sullivan says he does not want to follow the United Kingdom's lead in outlining exactly what the number of homegrown terrorists could be.

"I think it's a mistake to try and categorise people in those categories of large or small numbers," he said.

"The problem when you try and have an answer on a numerical basis is that people move between categories.

"One of the points about the speed of radicalisation is that somebody who today seems to be merely an extremist can become radicalised in a very short time."

You mean it could be anyone of us fairdinkum disgruntled Aussie voters?



CIA agent returns to Indonesia last July?

But don't believe a word she says because she my friends is a typical CIA agent. Sent to Indonesia to promote some type legitimacy to the alleged 'war on terror' and her 'radical statements' and 'terrorist theories'. And together with her spy mates and the pro-government media who seek to give her relevance because her job is to point the finger to have everyone look the wrong way, at the wrong enemy.

CIA agent spreads terror fears in Australia

Why shouldn't you be convinced after all gunaratna says he's a dr and reported to be a 'terrorist expert'? He even lives in Indonesia surrounded by bombs going off in his own backyard. But even with his alleged expertise it has only led to even more relentless and 'subsequent bombings' in Indonesia. So I suppose that's how you know you need an expert?

hoWARd, will keep chilling you!

All this nonsense to hide the fact that the Bali bombing was not State Sanctioned Terror when it clearly was in relation to the explosive used in the second Bali bomb blast in 2002 which was clearly military hardware.

Australia's Terrorism Wake Up Call [164]

The horrific bombings of the Sari Club and Paddy's Bar in Bali, on October 12, 2002, considerably strengthened the hand of the CoW in pursuing the War on Terror. Here was an opportunity to harden the hearts of the Australian and US public against Islamic fundamentalists. It was also a chance for the Indonesian government to justify harsh measures in the war against terrorists and secessionists, such at those in the province of Aceh.

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