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Common Ground Community Garden - EVICTION UPDATE - Resistance successful so far.

Gerrard Winstanley | 20.06.2007 10:48 | Ecology | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London | Oxford

Common Ground Community Garden, is a self-managed squatted community project in the heart of Reading. The land and surrounding buildings are council owned, and they have tried to obstruct this initiative every step of the way - and thanks to the spirit of the squatters and our neighbours, they have failed every step of the way.

Today, 20th June, is supposed to be eviction day. The day when the council takes back control of our land, and is able to flog it off to the highest bidder, for development of yet more unnafordable prison block flats. However, so far, its not going according to their plan...

Baillifs showed up early this morning, about 9am. However, activists were allready busy barricading the building that has been our home for the last 9 months and our beautifull squatted garden. Reporters and television cameras showed up, taking interviews from us and our neighbours (so if you are in the Southeast or Thames Valley, check local news services out!). A mixture of activists and local neighbours are holding a picket out the front of the building, and others are sitting in the garden enjoying the sunshine! At this point balliffs have left, and we have won for now. But we are sure they will be back fairly soon with backup, so any help is appreciated.

So long as the baillifs keep their distance, the rest of the day will be enjoyed in the garden with a picnic and acoustic punk rock show later.


P.S. Our solidarity greetings to Brecon eviction resisters! FIGHT THE PIPE!

Gerrard Winstanley
- e-mail: katesgrovegarden(AT)


Success Today!

21.06.2007 00:07


Just to give a last quick update, the baillifs stayed well away all day, and the rest of the day has been fantastic!

Quite a lot of local residents have been through during the day, telling us how much they love the garden, use it all the time etc etc.

Some residents have even showed a fair amount of interest in anti-capitalist/anarchist politics, including ex-Labour members who agreed all political parties are the same now and 'this' (i.e. direct-action, DIY etc like the garden) IS the alternative now, and a local couple having trouble at work who are now interested in joining IWW!

A couple of local people were among those who stayed in the garden past eviction time, being prepared to face arrest to defend the garden.

This evening the day has been finished off with a public BBQ and absolutely fantastic acoustic punk-rock show. Again, several neighbours stuck around all night having a drink and enjoying the music, and the tunes were amazing. Big thanks to the artists who travelled down to play tonight for free!

Obviously, this project is most likely not going to last much longer (although you never know and we'll keep fighting!), but all our neighbours are saying they want the squatters to stay and do similar things, and who are we to refuse!? :)

Spirits are high,

mail e-mail: katesgrovegarden(AT)


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