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Australian leaders____ congratulate Bush? Shit!

The International Community | 04.11.2004 05:49 | Anti-militarism | London | World

Well Shitliffter without International Law the community won't come together especially with the Coalition of the Killing's war doctrine based on pre-emptive strikes on foreign nations and in light of the subsequent unauthorised occupations of those countries and in terms of the dead.

War criminal John Howard
congratulates co-offender
George Dubya Bushit

(File Photo) (Rooters)

AUSTRALIA: War criminal John Howard and Opposition Leader Mark Latham have congratulated co-offender US President George Dubya Bushit on his re-election.

Mr HoWARd spoke to Mr Bushit this morning, and says he was very happy, a feeling he can relate to.

Like war crimes against humanity? HoWARd can relate to that because George Dubya is his co-offender in the illegal and degrading war on Iraq and especially now after the killings in Fallujah!

"This is a wonderful personal victory for a person who I like and who I believe has given strong and resolute leadership to his country and, through the position he occupies, to the anti-terrorist cause and to the cause of freedom around the world," Mr Howard said.

Well how deluded is that?

Mr HoWARd says it is a victory for the anti-terrorism cause even though he's doing the killing.

The pair discussed how the election campaign was conducted in the United States, and planned to catch up at the next APEC meeting in Chile later this month when the only meeting they should go to is at the Hague.

Mr Latham says as the alternative government in Australia, Labor is looking forward to working with the Bush administration?

He says he respects the decision of the United States people?

Even though they are barbarians?

"It's their democracy and we've got to respect their right to make a democratic decision and that's what they've done in the re-election of George W Bush," Mr Latham said.

Mr Latham has also congratulated defeated Senator John Kerry on a hard-fought campaign.

More Wars

The US Ambassador to Australia, Tom Schieffer, says he hopes the re-election of Mr Bush will lead to America strengthening its relationships with other countries.

"I think that will hopefully see the international community come together and hopefully we can overcome some of the divisiveness that we've had in the international community and fight this war on terrorism together," Mr Schieffer said.

Yankee Go Home!

Well Shitliffter without International Law the community won't come together especially with the Coalition of the Killing's war doctrine based on pre-emptive strikes on foreign nations and in light of the subsequent unauthorised occupations of those countries and in terms of the dead.

And in terms of the maimed, imprisoned and tortured people you leave laying-around to tell their stories about your "divisiveness" that the US and its co-offenders have imposed on the United Nations and the International Community.

And I might add America is weakening its relationships with the world by illegally occupying other sovereign countries and killing, maiming and torturing other citizens throughout the world in its War on Liberty.

Who shot liberty in America? George Dubya Bushit! That's who!

In other developments:

US Empire Votes For Pre-emptive War!

Either that or the majority of the USA are simply barbarians who are prepared to kill, maim, mistreat and torture anyone who has the other two thirds of the oil and resources they need to maintain their status quo, greed, and ignorance towards the rest of the world including International law and human rights standards.


Boycott companies profiting from war: peace activist

"For example, you could make a list of those corporations who have profited from the invasion of Iraq and have offices here in Australia," she said.

"You could name them, boycott them, occupy their offices and force them out of business."


BlackState: He's Still Not Our President

He's Still Not Our President!

Maybe Lincoln should have let the red states go. There are too many fundamental disagreements with the direction this country should go. The so-called moral value vote is what did in John Kerry. This was led by ballot measures to make gay marriages illegal, mostly in states in which it was already illegal. It is obvious that this so-called value vote is a cover for white male racist and homophobes. These voters in the red states were only democrat in name 40 years ago they were often referred to as dixiecrats who voted Democrat because of the civil war but started to vote republican because of civil rights and desegregation.We cannot keep fighting these same battles with those in previous forms justified slavery lynchings and segregation.


Arundhati Roy: Why we should support Iraqi resistance

Through his op-ed column in the October 26 Sydney Morning Herald, Liberal Party historian and apologist for imperialism Gerard Henderson attempted to discredit the awarding of the Sydney Peace Prize to Indian writer and campaigner for global justice Arundhati Roy.


Who's counting the dead in Fallujah? CARE?

The killing of 100,000 innocent men, women and children in Iraq to date should be enough for others who CARE. People not sure of the legality, validity and rational for their killing should understand the alleged demon Saddam Hussain wasn't worth the sacrifice of those innocent people. Does anyone CARE about this dead baby?


Howard's offensive - resist!

With the government's control of both houses of parliament now confirmed, the Coalition is triumphantly promoting its plans for far-reaching "reform". The attacks are likely to come thick and fast over the next 12 months and we need to be ready to respond.


NSW Prisoners linked to Bin Laden: Ten News

Hatzistergos: "For example, because of a perceived risk that they may engage in, or incite other persons to engage in, terrorist activities."

Terrorist prisoners held in a "box within a box" with no "fresh air or sunlight" at Goulburn HRMU may incite alleged terrorists in Long Bay to blow up Long Bay Prison's Twin Towers?


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