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Lappersfort- police out of control in Brugge

lappersfort | 23.04.2009 16:06 | Ecology | Repression | Social Struggles

Following the ambush & arrest of 3 lappersfort occupiers on the night of 21st April (for original article go to, the Brugge police yesterday conducted a raid on the house of a local sympathiser.

Atleast 6 pigs entered the home after showing a warrant, and took with them many personal items from the occupiers, including passports, other forms of ID and even personal letters and journals. The police are taking every opportunity to weaken local support through the media circus and also to gather identification of the occupiers. The belief is that they are gathering the id’s in order to be able to charge people with the costs of the eviction (after eviction in 2002, 13 occupier who had given their names were threatened with having to pay the eviction costs of 50,000euros if they are caught again in the forest) . We aren’t sure if this means the eviction is coming any sooner now, but the camp is under constant eviction threat. There is some speculation as to whether or not the police raid yesterday was done legally or not, and also whether or not they will take the next step of raiding the camp….

Meanwhile 3 of our friends are still sitting in prison in brugge and will face the judge tomorrow. They are accused of scraping some words in wet concrete, which the pigs have decided deserves the official charge of “destroying the road”. We are obviously hoping they will all be released tomorrow, but the courthouse here in Brugge has a reputation for locking up lappersforters for anything they possibly can. One local paper also reported that the security and dogs who ambushed and arrested the 3 on Tuesday night were requested by the mayor himself.

Life in the forest is getting sometimes difficult, and the pigs are obviously using their tactics of intimidation, fear and repression to demoralise the camp and cause division between the occupiers and the local community. But the camp and the campaign goes on, spring is happening, and more humans are always wished for and welcome….we wont let the piggies stop us, or even slow us down…

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