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SHAC | 18.03.2009 16:38 | SHAC | Animal Liberation


Vanguard (an investment management company) have now become the second largest shareholder in Huntingdon Life Sciences. Last month we did an alert to the Chairman and Board of the company, but for this alert we are focusing on the management team within the company, these people run the company and have the power to drop their investment in HLS.

HLS has just been exposed for the seventh time after Animal Defenders International went undercover in Huntingdon's primate unit. So there is yet more proof of animal suffering and HLS is caught bang to rights as a criminal company. It's time to let there shareholders know that IT'S TIME FOR THEM TO GO!

As always we have included a sample email and all the email addresses you need.



To whom it may concern

Vanguard is now the second largest shareholder in Huntingdon Life Sciences, who trade under the ticker symbol LSR; because of your large investment and stake in HLS you have now been brought to the attention of the global animal rights movement as a priority target supporting.

HLS are a pathetic company, who have yet again been exposed. No other laboratory in the world has been infiltrated so many times by the animal rights movement. On this occasion shocking footage has been obtained from the primate testing facility at HLS's main site in the UK.

Primates are being transported for between 30 - 70 hours from Vietnam to HLS where they are being housed in dreadful conditions. The psychological damage means they have been chewing their own limbs off down to the bone. Others were found with muscle wastage, and suffering from chronic vomitting, diarohea, and skin conditions. Staff had a complete lack of respect for the primates and one lab worker twisted a monkeys head violently.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You can read much more and see the video shot inside HLS yourself, by visiting:

Not only are HLS a cruel barbaric company, but they are also a bad investment. Last year they lost two significant contracts, sending their share price in to free fall. They are also a victim of the credit crunch and will see fewer contracts coming their way, especially after this recent exposes meaning HLS cannot guarantee client confidentiality. HLS have spent the last week breaching the conditions of their NYSE ARCA listing and it's just a matter of time before they are kicked off.

If you will not sell your shares in HLS out of compassion then surely you will because it makes good business sense.

[your name]

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