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Travel agents disrupted in Reading!

Plane Stupid | 07.11.2006 14:12 | Climate Camp 2006 | Climate Chaos | Globalisation | Social Struggles | London | Oxford

As part of yesterdays day-of-action against short-haul flights, called for by Plane Stupid, there were direct-actions and protest against travel agents in Reading.

In an effort to not only save the planet but to also give travel agent workers the day off, pixies visited Thomson, Thomas Cook, Going Places and the Flight Centre during the night, filling their locks with glue. Workman were seen in the morning, ruining the travel agents holiday by enabling them to open for business - spoilsports!

Other folks had also planned a demonstration against short-haul flights to take place later that day. At around midday, a dozen protestors gathered outside Thomas Cook with their banner reading "Cheap Flights Kill! Climate Change Deaths So Far ... 150,000 per year!". They were met by three of her majesties finest, who informed them that the travel agents were operating a 'locked-door policy' (haha!). Itd be a shame if this disruption cost them any money....

The protest visited two other travel agents and distributed over 200 leaflets, detailing the effects of aviation on our planet. Most people (including a local Labour councillor!) were very supportive, with the exception of one concerned environmentalist who pointed out that cutting the bamboo cane for placards must be killing Panda's in China!

Well done to all who took action yesterday, and continue to fight against capitalism in defense of our lives!

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