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'Injunction' forced upon me by the 'Disablist' Courts in Hull and E. Riding....

Colin Revell | 08.01.2007 12:45 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

In response to the recent 'injunction' forced upon me by the 'Disablist'
Courts in the East Riding and Hull Locality by the claimant East Riding of Yorkshire Council, who the Judge (HHJ Grenfell), at Kingston Upon Hull Combined Courts totally abused my basic human rights and 'ignored' all submissions within my case.


To all my friends, colleagues within my COS/F's and others and allies
within the local, national and international Disabled Peoples',
NeuroDiversity, Survivors, Independent and Inclusive living movements and 'indymedia'.... *

Please forward within your own networks

In response to the recent 'injunction' forced upon me by the 'Disablist'
Courts in the East Riding and Hull Locality by the claimant; East Riding of Yorkshire Council, who the Judge (HHJ Grenfell), at Kingston Upon Hull Combined Courts totally abused my basic human rights and 'ignored' all submissions within my case. Why?

This is some historical background information to inform you all....

As you some of you may be informed that I have numerous difficulties within
communication and correspondence and especially 'professional-client'
relationship difficulties/problems with all my previous solicitors/barrristers, due to their lack of basic/specialist training within Autistic Spectrum Disorders (Asperger Syndrome), Tourettes Syndrome and other NeuroDiverse impairments and them not making any reasonable-adjustments and when I have complained they have just struck me off their caseload and 'fraudently' taken thousands of pounds legal aid funding without doing anything for me and that's why I had to try start
issuing the claims myself which you know what has happened. What does this
say about 'Disability-Equality'??

I have made complaints to the Law Society, BAR Council and Legal Services
Ombudman, Disabilty Rights Commission on 'disability equality' issues and basic human rights for all disabled people, but as you may know with all the public bodies within my case I am just 'totally-ignored' and all my complaints are 'whitewashed'.

The legal profession and all the Courts (HMCS/DfCA) in this country have no
understanding of basic human rights for 'equality-of-opportunities' for all disabled people at all. They are getting away with total abuse of disabled people in denying 'natural-justice' and there is nothing none of us can do, I have tried 'whistle-blowing' and look what has happend to me.

It's been put within all my reports by Dr Aylott, Dr Shah, Professor Howlin and others that I need an 'independent-advocate' to communicate and correspond and 'work-with' and instructed solictors/barristers from the very start within my case. So I need an 'independent-advocate' to make initial contact with these legal firms on my behalf, but John Meakin, Dr Aylott, Christine Breakey, Jo Todd, Mellissa Moore, Jayne Sochousky, Joe Whittaker, Navin Kikabhai and Adrian Whyatt have approached numerous solictors around the country which for various reasons they have refused to take on my cases.

Mellissa and others have stated that soon has my name is mentioned, then
some of the solictors go on the defensive and don't want to know. What does
this tell you?

Is it because I have 'whistle-blowed' and opened up a 'pandora's box' about the 'institutionalised-disablism' and epecially 'neurotypicalism' against
'Neurodiverse' and other disabled people and complained about 'fraudalent' use of public money by previous legal advocates within my case which they did not act in my 'best-interests' and just stole from the 'public-purse' and now for complaining I have been 'blackballed' in receiving 'equality-of-arms' to 'natural-justice' as an Autistic/NeuroDiverse disabled person for adhering to my own professional 'code-of-practice/ethics' and also personal beliefs and values too in 'standing-up' and 'speaking-out' against all forms of 'oppression' and 'injustices' against all disabled people and especailly Autistic/NeuroDiverse disabled people in my case.

As some of you may know I have been to Local Government Ombudsman, Health
and Parliamentry Ombudsman, Legal Services Ombudsman and Indpendent Police Compalints Authority (IPCC), but I am not getting anywhere with them.

There has been report, in which is continually delayed now from the Health
Services Ombudsman, which Dr Aylott, Adrian Whyatt attended a meeting, in
June 05, with the Health Services Ombudsman and Professsor Howlin was acting
as the 'clinical-expert' in my case. They was an 'external-report' from Mr Haliday into all the delays into all my compalints by Mr Haliday which was very critical of the Health Service Ombudsman, Local Government Ombudsman and all other public bodies within my case. Mr Haliday stated very clealy that I have suffered human rights abuses and asked for the Health Service Ombudsman (Mr Paul Robson) to conclude their report with Professor Howlin within a 3 month period, that was over 6 months ago and I still have not received his report. This has been going on now since 1995 with Health Services Ombudsman and all other public bodies within my case and I seem to hit brickwalls all the time and it's called the 'revolving-door-syndrome'.

I ring and email him, but he never contacts me hardly and he has a legal duty to update me what's happening.

If I then complain; and then try and 'self-advocate'; and try to register my disabled 'voice' in recording my complaints and protests, then for doing so I am continually buulied, 'victimised, harrassed, unlawfully arrested and imprisoned and subjected to 'incitement-to-hatred', 'individual/institutionalised-disablism-and-neurotypicalism', 'abuse' and totally 'injustices' as an Autistic/Neurodiverse professional disabled person that no human-being should have to take on contend with on a daily basis.

"This injunction is another example of the evidence of 'abuse' in my case at what lengths the public bodies and Courts will go to to try and scare-me off and 'gag' me and violate my basic human rights to indignfy me and ruin my life and equality of opportunities as a professional disabled person.

I am being blamed for 'them' failing to discharge their duty of care and me 'self-advocating' and 'speaking-up/out' for myself and advoacting for/with others too. What does this say about anti-oppresive practice I that the state educated me?

Like all clinical and other reports and evidence all the years in my case they have 'suppressed', 'lost' all are just left on 'shelves' to gather dust' by all public bodies and Court. What does this say?

As you can see that I can't make any intial contacts with any legal firms and I need support of an 'independent-advocate' to do so. This is the same for all other public bodies too.

Adrian Whyatt has advised that all my cases are taken straight to the European Courts of Human Rights. What do you think?

I hope this historical background in my case helps you to understand more what I have experienced all these years and all the abuse I've suffered and the impact this is having on my overall health and wellbing and stress causing to me on a daily basis.

As anyone got any ideas what I can do now. I would appreciate all your support.


Take Care

Colin Revell

Colin Revell
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