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Voices Of The People Of Sharrow [save the sheffield street piano!!]

Piano Liberation Army | 25.06.2006 10:26 | Culture | Free Spaces | Sheffield

Following the council's sellotaping of an eviction order on Sheffield's very own Free Community Street Piano in Sharrow Vale Road, people have been attaching their own little messages of support, written on scraps of paper. These have been typed up below.

"Don't get rid of the Street Piano! It's part of our heritage now. We love u street piano.
Mads & Rose"

"I find I trip over wheelie bins much more often than pianos.
Save the Street Piano!
Ralph + Celia xxx"

"Please don't take it away.
I love the street piano, something original in a boring world
Love, Dan xx"

"Be nice and let the street piano stay, it made us grin from ear to ear with its dischordant tones :-) Lolle + Tim"

"I can't play really at all but this I totally love. Thankyou!"

"Third world poverty, Aids, nuclear armament, civil war, privatisation, Really Expensive Buses, rape, murder, racism, homophobia, the environment, George W Bush...
And YOU choose to pick on a Piano!!"

"For Piano
...If you leave me now, you'll take away the greatest part of me...
Oooooooooooooooooh oooh oooh
oooh oooh
Darling please don't go....!"

"Hi, please don't get rid of the piano, it's cute!
Don't be mean. If it's not played before or after nine, what's the problem?
xx Tess"

"Hey Council! The Piano isn't obstructing anything. It's such a nice idea.
Don't take it away
Jessie xxxx"

It brings the people together and soothes the soul
(but get it tuned!)"

"I love the piano. Cannot we just live in peace x

"Please keep the street piano.
All it does is bring Joy!
Why take that away?
Such a rigid society!"

now check this one out!! :

"So come brothers and sisters
For the struggle carries on
The Sharrow Street Piano
Unites the world in song
So comrades come rally
For this is the time & place
The Sharrow Street Piano
Unites the human race!"

"Please don't take the Street Piano
Colin, age 6"

"Keep it!
from Hannah, Bianca and Emma, age 13"


And the following are pasted from

"Can't believe the council are taking it away. everyone loves the piano and it's just not fair"

"Like the note on the piano says "I'd rather trip over a piano that the multitude of wheelie bins any day" time for the council to get their priorities right!
I love it and everyone I show it to loves it, I have friends in London and Autralia who now want one on their streets!
More of this!!!
By the way, there is one on 23rd Street, Mission District, San Francisco. I saw it last June. I'll leave a copy of the photo it took on our piano one day soon. (better get my skates on eh!)"

"typical - there's always cash to spend on expensive street art, but as soon as some real people do something spontaneous (?) then people complain.

I reckon it's a cracking idea - bring back community spirit etc..

I'd offer the services of my van for collection but it's not big enuff for a full size piano!"

"What a bunch of meanspirited people they are at the Town Hall, would they have communities beating each other up & vandalising their neighbourhood, or have them working & playing(literally!) together. They will happily spend £1000's on projects to bring people together, but have someone take the initiative & save taxpayers money & all hell breaks loose. Perhaps they're just peeved they don't have the imagination & foresight that 'normal' people do. ROCK ON!!"

"My brother Danny has just walked past the piano and told me of the threat. Fight them to the end and when they take the piano get another and another and another...
I have never heard of a street piano before but it is a great inspiration.


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