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Its good night from Matilda

Its good night from Matilda | 23.06.2006 20:42 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Sheffield

Its Goodnight Matilda well not just yet!

Hello here is what has been asked of from the representatives of Yorkshire forward

Further to the Court hearing yesterday and the subsequent conversations, I have now had the opportunity to take my client's instructions.

My client reiterates that it does not wish to have to use bailiffs to evict you and would prefer to agree an exit strategy.

I understand that you intend to hold a meeting on Monday night and my client is prepared to allow for this meeting to go ahead to allow all squatters to be made aware that the possession order has been granted. This is only on the basis however that you confirm that no events involving the public will be held at the building as my clients are extremely concerned as to health and safety issues. We then require your confirmation that the building will be vacated by all no later than 9 am Tuesday 27th June 2006 - the date my client has stipulated they require possession.

Again, these requirements are being driven by my client's serious concerns about the safety of the building and the risks posed to those occupying it.

I look forward to hearing from you.

In the last twelve months, MATILDA have turned an abandoned building into a thriving social centre. For a year we have put on performances, film showings and exhibitions, as well as providing much needed working and meeting space for local artists and activists. So – if you've ever been to a gig / film night / art showing / Thursday social / meeting / bike workshop / clown training or anything else, You desire to come down to Matilda over this weekend and on Monday all day you can sign our guestbook giving your thoughts, feelings and even images. Once completed this guestbook and the diary of Matilda will be given to Councilor Jan Wilson who sits on the board for Yorkshire Forward/Creative Sheffield as well being the Labour leader for Sheffield, on the morning of our eviction.

We hope to see you over the weekend to say thank you for your support over our last year.

The Matilda moles have risen from their shadows and though we shall go back into the darkness for a while we will no doubt meet again soon as our next venue is owned by Yorkshire Forward too! We hope to see you there keep in touch our web page will be updated often also for more news goto Sheffield Indymedia.

Its good night from Matilda


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