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TAKE ACTION: Ban BAE from campus this term!

Abi Haque | 01.10.2010 16:51 | Anti-militarism | Education | Terror War

Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) has launched our Ban BAE counter-recruitment campaign across our Universities Networks. We are calling all interested activists to get involved in direct action against arms companies on university campuses. Education and arms companies should not mix so find out how you can get involved!

Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) is excited to launch BAN BAE, the campaign to kick arms giant BAE Systems off campus! This year we want BAE Systems to be met with protests wherever it goes to recruit students. WE NEED YOUR HELP to force BAE Systems to conclude that attending university career fairs is not worth their while and shut down their main link to graduates. Education and arms companies should not mix!

BAE Systems is desperate to recruit university graduates. Each year they spend thousands of pounds on recruiting students to design, build, market and sell the next generation of killing equipment. Dick Olver (Chairman of BAE) said “Without action, the UK's widening skills gap will have become an irreversible gulf.” We certainly hope to prove him right by widening the gap between university graduates and the arms trade!

Recruitment fairs are the most straight-forward and visible approach that BAE Systems use to attract graduate talent. We want to disrupt their recruitment season this year! Controversial companies will often stop attending careers fairs when they consider their presence as detrimental to their objectives. This happened in 2008 when Climate Camp launched the 'E.ON F.OFF' campaign, which achieved such adverse publicity that e-on pulled out of careers fairs! We are hoping to achieve the same thing with our newly launched 'BAN BAE counter-recruitment campaign.'

There are numerous student actions that have been hugely successful, and in many cases very entertaining too! Last year alone these included: die-ins, confiscating companies promotional materials, removing displays and grim reapers looming over stalls! I wonder what this year will bring?!

Take action to BAN BAE:
*Find out when BAE Systems are visiting your university. CAAT has compiled an initial list of dates here: (Check with your careers service if your university isn't listed)
*For more information on BAE Systems and how to get involved please visit our Universities Network micro-site at
*To order a campaign pack (which includes a disrupting arms company campaign guide) please visit
*For any questions please email:

Abi Haque
- e-mail:
- Homepage:


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