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Stop Nuclear Power UK gathering

Stop Nuclear Power | 30.09.2010 17:36 | Ecology | Energy Crisis | Health

- Meet, make plans, take action -

Saturday: Plot and plan for the future, and make plans for Sunday.
Sunday: This is up to you. Perhaps a skill share, a direct action workshop, or even taking our message to the street in Bristol.

Lunch and dinner Saturday, & Sunday lunch.
Crash space available on a dry, warm and quiet floor space.
If you need a bed please get in contact asap. & we'll try and help you out.

For a telephone number to contact during the weekend, send us an email.

Please help by letting us know you are coming so we can plan for space, food and logistics. Email:

Stop Nuclear Power is a grassroots network of groups and individuals taking action against nuclear power. We aim to highlight the environmental and social impact of uranium mines and nuclear reactors and promote safe storage of existing nuclear waste.

Solidarity with Stop Hinkley:
If EdF get their way, Hinkley C will become the first nuclear power station built in Britain for 20 years. Stop Hinkley is a long running community campaign to stop deadly nuclear reactors operating near their homes. Their struggle is our struggle. Let's sit down together in Bristol and make some plans.

This Autumn, the government is taking its pro-nuclear propaganda on tour for the third time in an attempt to escape legal challenges to its ambitions. We'll be there. Come to the gathering or send us an email to get involved.

Action against EDF:
In Britain, EDF is pushing hard for nuclear, and wants new reactors at four sites, the first being Hinkley Point in Somerset near Bristol.
Hinkley is the battleground, if they get one in, it opens the door for at least nine power stations across the country.

Stop Nuclear Power
- e-mail:


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