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Jose Couso murdered

Primitivo | 16.04.2003 23:59

Press release read by the brothers of José Couso Permuy at the end of the meeting. Madrid (Spain), 10 of april 2003, day ot the General Strike against the war.

Do not let them tell you that our brother died in a "painful accident" as the Government pretends, that there were sharp shooters or he knew the risk he was running.

Do not let them tell you, as the Government pretends, that his dead will be used by the Iraki Regime, or that his dead irritates public opinion and we must forget…, or that it is "something unexpected".

Our brother has been MURDERED.
He has been MURDERED by the Empire mercenaries.
Who do not want witnesses.
Who do not want other voices than those of their bulletins of current news made by Disney brands, where bombs are "intelligent", wars are "humanitarian" and civilian deads are "collateral damages".

They have MURDERED our brother to warn the press that either they walk with THEM or they may encounter death.

They have MURDERED him under the cover of the powerful´s impunity, knowing that there is no need to give any explanation; they will try that nobody is to be passed sentence upon, that we never get to know the truth.

On these sad days, David, Bárbara and I, Javier, commented that, if they are capable of MURDERING a accredited journalist like our brother, in the very middle of Bagdad and in front of the entire international community, what are they not capable to doing with civilians or with those they consider enemies they find on their path?

These scoundrels who in the name of Morality are Inmoral, who in the name of Liberty crush it, who kill in the name of Life...

But there are others, who are even WORSE. As the poet says, "the oxen which accept the yoke", the accomplices, those who submit, their abettors, those who humiliate themselves vilely, the figurants of Power, the serviles, the penniless ones, the burocratic clerks, those with no dignity, those who are "well paid",... who from this government scorn their own people and ally with the Empire.

And in between: us, "the lions who raise our head". THE PEOPLE.

We have taken the streets, whit our hands, with our fists, our shouts, our slogans, our cries, our songs, our wounds, our resistance, our courage.

You! You, powerful people, must know that in these people there is still dignity to face death and barbarianism. We tell you that we do not like your empire and we shall always fight against it.

Today, JOSE COUSO, OUR BROTHER, wherever you are, we tell you, surrounded by this brave people, that we hate the war of rich people and that BUSH, BLAIR and AZNAR have only one name:


David, Bárbara and Javier Couso Permuy
Madrid, 10 of april of 2003

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