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Euphoria at UCL/Slade Occupation

VisionOntv | 03.12.2010 17:55 | Education | Public sector cuts

Eviction hearing postoned - hugs, high fives and the message CU Next Tuesday delivered to UCL management

The Jeremy Bentham Room at UCL is still buzzing as students heard that, after presenting the court with a mountain of evidence in their defence, the court hearing about an eviction would be adjourned until Tuesday. The case was due to be heard today.

The talk on the ground is of winning; students now have five days to prepare for the arrival of the bailliffs, and to keep using the space to campaign and reach out to other universities and students, including the Greek students who recently marched on the British Embassy in support. The government is seen as weak, and the mood is that there needs to be a sustained campaign to put pressure on Lib Dem MPs to vote against the cuts on Thursday.

Lecturers, the media and students from many other colleges are mingling and creating ideas and strategies for the next few days and beyond, while messages of support continue to come in from across the country.

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