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Tibet Activists scale Tower Bridge on Eve of Olympics

Kevin Otto | 06.08.2008 17:47 | Repression | Social Struggles | London | World

Two campaigners have climbed London's Tower Bridge to unfurl banners in protest at China's occupation of Tibet on the eve of the Olympics. The banner-hang was linked to similar actions internationally, most notably the unfurling of free Tibet banners within metres of the 'Bird's Nest' Olympic stadium in Beijing. The activists are linked to the group Students for a Free Tibet.

Two activist climbers and two support campaigners were arrested following a daring action on London's Tower Bridge. The protest was aimed at the Chinese Government's occupation of Tibet, and its use of the Olympic Games as a propaganda tool, claim the group Students for a Free Tibet.

Climbers James Murray (23), of Edinburgh University and Jenny Raynor (26) of Cambridge University climbed suspension cables to reach a height of 100ft above the River Thames before unfurling Tibetan national flags and a 37sq ft banner reading “Beijing 2008: Make Olympic History: Free Tibet”

Climber James Murray said: “The Chinese government is using the Beijing Olympics in an attempt to legitimise its brutal occupation of Tibet and cover up its human rights record."

Students for a Free Tibet spokesperson Terry Bettger added: "These activists seek to remind the world of the ongoing suffering that the Tibetan people endure at the hands of the occupying Chinese forces. Tibetans are living in a climate of fear amidst unspeakable repression and abuse of their fundamental human rights."

"The Chinese government are seeking to mask the truth and whitewash the continuing crackdown in Tibet by denying any independent media access to the region. Recent reports from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch highlight the fact that human rights are deteriorating in China and Tibet."

Kevin Otto


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