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London Rising Tide Invade CAA

Plane Stupid | 06.11.2006 15:14 | Ecology | London


This morning a group of London Rising Tide activists, in the guise of bean
counting civil servants, gathered at inside the offices of the Civil
Aviation Authority, brandishing a massive cheque for £9.2bn made out to
the airline industry from the government regulator.

The £9.2bn cheque represents the amount that taxpayers subsidise the
airline industry annually through tax-free jet fuel and VAT-free tickets
and planes (1) – and it’s the Civil Aviation Authority, supposedly the
industry regulator, that’s clearing these subsidies for takeoff, turning a
blind eye to the airlines’ climate crimes.

Protesters unfurled a banner reading Climate Armageddon Accelerators
outside the offices of the Civil Aviation Authority and three of them
entered the building to invite the director to come and sign the cheque.

Campaigning scientists were also on hand to present the case against the
aviation industry: it’s the fastest-growing source of greenhouse gas
emissions, and its appetite for ever more airports is destroying
communities and their residents’ health.

Today’s protest at the Civil Aviation Authority is part of a national day
of action against short-haul flights. People around the country are taking
action to show how unnecessary and environmentally damaging short-haul
flights truly are.

London Rising Tider Matt Cooke said, ‘We all know how serious the threat
posed by climate change is. Binge-flying cannot continue! 45% of all
flights in Europe are to destinations of 500km or less, journeys that are
possible by train. We will not stand by and let the aviation industry,
aided and abetted by the Civil Aviation Authority, trash the climate.’

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Notes for Editors

1. This means that every UK taxpayer effectively subsidises the aviation
industry by over £300 per year
( The
figure of £9.2 bn is enough to buy over 30 new hospitals or build 2,000
new schools.

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CAA The Plane Truth

09.11.2006 19:20

At about midday, members of London Rising Tide (in support of the 'Plane Stupid' short haul callout) entered the CAA building (in Kingsway London WC2), and asked to see their Chairman Sir Roy McNulty to present him with a copy of the Tyndall Centre report on aviation and climate change.

Three grassroots professors of Climatology: Herb Garrett from Proper Climatology Innit Inc, Winston O'Boogie from Whither Science Bona Fide, and Wolfgang Lumpenback from Klimate Kaos Kosher, persuaded his PA to accept the science report and she promised to reply in writing to London Rising Tide.

Outside: human dice in Sleazy Jet colours had emblazoned themselves with slogans detailing the 'Plane Truth' about aviation. These included: " 0 % = UK personal CO2 emitions needed to meet goverment 2020 targets at current rate of aviation pollution" - carbon neutrality for all except the Aviation Industry!

At the same time 'bean counting' besuited Civil Servants - having tired of their occupational therapy in the building, and having failed to get Sir Woy McNutty to to sign a comedy cheque for the tragic £9.2 billion the CAA allows the aviation industry to recieve p.a - came outside to issue 'Easy Climate' boarding passes to CAA workers and passers by.

After two hours angry Climatologists and furious beancounters entered the postroom at the rear of the building to have the cheque delivered personaly to Sir Woy McNutty. Postroom workers magnamanously accepted the cheque and the CAA's culpabillity in the absense of any responsibility from Sir Woy.

Herb Garrett