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good on yer at dsei

bollockschops | 10.09.2003 19:48

bal blah fucking blah lol!

I am not able to be there at the protests because I am working alot and the pigs have my picture alot and I will get arrested and thrown in jail ....and I don't want to end up having to seriously cripple one or many of them in self I will stay away cos I have a bit of a violent temper when it comes to seeing innocent elderly or teenage civilians being beaten up by bullys in black{"police officers"},but just to read these posts of all of your immense courage brings tears of joy and is thouroughly heart warming..........keep up the good work and stay centred in light and love and remember what I said about wearing bright colours, and counteract darkness extreme police aggression and violence always with light and love and happy smiling faces and very loud drums.....drums are very powerful to summon good protective spirits there.......I will waffle no more but get all of your pots and pans together and Djembes n congas and create tons of noise diturbance....and send the fear back to where it come from
and above all stick together keep calm ,and take pictures and video evidence with badge numbers of the main police perpetrators of violence,and then you take them all to court, and do it so that they can't wiretap surveill or physically harass or intimidate you....
I am working a massive spell tonight to reverse the satanic/dark magic that these freemasons practise so have no fear for I am here....



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  1. amazing — inspired
  2. i'll second that emotion — captain wardrobe
  3. my feelings on the day — arms are for (((hugging)))