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Frankfurt(GER)/Calais: Protests in Front of french consulate

NoBorder Frankfurt | 19.02.2010 20:30 | Migration | Repression

As a reaction towards the Hangar-Raids the ongoing repression against migrants and activists in the french Harbour City of Calais almost 30 people gathered this morning in Frankfurt/Main [Germany] to protest and demonstrate transnational solidarity in front of the french consulate.

Last wednesday (17.02.2010) french riot-units (CRS) repeatedly and violently raided the Kronstadt Hangar in the harbour city of calais, an urgently needed space of solidarity, exchange an unified struggle of people with an without documents.
From Calais many Migrants without valid documents try to reach the english coast via the channel. Since the destruction of the Jungles -improvised sheds in the woods, where many "sans-papiers" lived- in september 2009 the migrants are facing a winter of massive police-repression. While the hangar was evicted many people got arrested.

Even though the short one day mobilization was very spontaneous and it was early in the morning, around 30 people gathered on half past nine on the nearby uni-campus to show solidarity to the victims of the repression in calais and and our anger about the recent events. People got support by the" rhythms of resistance"-group Frankfurt with antiracist samba-rhythms. After a short demonstration from the Campus to the consulate the activists were facing massive police-forces...while from an antiracist perspective one could see the mobilization as successful, police either must have been very, very scared or they expected countless masses and revolutionary circumstances. 70 cops, 15 Police-Bullies and one angry barking police-dog protected the consulate from the 30 antiracists.

But people didn´t let intimidate themselves by the pigs, the the RoR-group was playing even louder, people shouted slogans and a protest note, which was also sent to the calais-authoritys was given to the french consule.

No Border, No Nation!
Solidarité avec les sans papiers (en calais)!
abolish capitalism.

P.S.: Pictures an protest note following...

NoBorder Frankfurt


Pictures & protest note

19.02.2010 20:43

"open borders, instead of repression"
"open borders, instead of repression"


cops making video footage
cops making video footage

Mairie de Calais
Place du Soldat Inconnu
Boite Postale 329
62107 CALAIS Cedex
Tel : 03 21 46 62 00 - Fax : 03 21 46 62 09

Sous-Préfecture SP Calais
9 esplanade Jacques Vendroux - B.P.357 - 62107 CALAIS CEDEX
Tél : 03-21-19-70-70
Télécopie : 03-21-19-70-71

Fax to the Sous-Préfecture and the city hall of Calais.

We gathered today in front of the French consulate in Frankfurt am Main,
Germany, because we are shocked by the recent events in Calais. It is
the second time that French Police forcibly evicted and closed down the
„Hangar Kronstadt“ in the Rue de Cronstadt. You, as the representative
of the governmental authorities in Calais, are responsible for this
human rights abuse. We will not accept this!

The strict borderregime and the systematically destruction of the
Jungles, as happened in September 2009, force humans of all over the
world to live under inhumane conditions in Calais and to risk their
lives and health trying to cross the border towards the U.K. But this
seems not to be enough for the French authorities – they use their
finances to criminalise and to destroy the few initiatives and persons
that seriously try to change the situation for the better. We believe
that the situation canŽt continue like this!

We request to immediately call back the police, which is impeding the
reopening of the Hangar. The activists and everyone else have to have
access immediately to their legally rented Hangar. Furthermore we
request to stop all other attacks now and in the future against the
Hangar and the activists with and without papers.

In addition, we ask you to immediately stop all violent police actions
against migrants and to recompense as far as possible for the caused
damage. Under violent police actions we understand among other things
the destruction of the jungles, the identity controls and all deportations.

Against all national borders and for a world where all human beings can
choose freely the place where they want to stay!

Be sure, that we will follow the incidents in Calais attentively and we
wonŽt rest until the whole world knows that in Calais they violate human

Best regards,
the protesters from Frankfurt am Main

NoBorder Frankfurt
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More resistance in Calais: Townhall occupied

19.02.2010 21:01

- There was a demo in front of the sub prefecture in Calais today to protest against the second eviction of the No Borders Hangar. However, participants found the entrance blocked by two lines of CRS, who refused to let people get anywhere near.

- Instead, activists bimbled down to the highly visible town hall, where they occupied the main reception area and set up two tents.

Within 10 minutes, the CRS turned up to force people out. So they settled on the stairs in front of the entrance. The cops blocked the entrants and were given orders to remove everyone. 6 activists, as well as the banners and tents, were taken to the police station. All were released within the hour.
Pics here:

- There are also reports in the local mainstream press that one British No Borders activist was arrested and charged with the offence of 'outrage' (insulting a police officer). They allege he blew his nose on a French flag and threw it at a police officer when he was briefly allowed back into the empty Hangar to collect his belongings....

...Don't forget to listen to Dissident Island tonight at 9pm, for an update on Calais...

No Borderer