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Projection 'info night' at the Vortex

osc | 08.02.2007 00:36 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Zapatista | London

Bringing together social struggles from across the globe

focusing on the exploitation and destruction of community from Latin America to Hackney; the Zapatistas in Mexico to the Broadway Market and Dalston Theatre occupations, we want to look at how each of these struggles defined themselves and sought to express solidarity in the face of oppression and encroaching capitalist exploitation.

Film, discussion, hot food and drink.

All welcome.

Thursday 8th Feb

9pm - 11.30pm

Vortex Social Centre
Stoke Newington Church Street
London N16 0UH

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" aRouND the dAY in 80 woRLdS "

08.02.2007 11:45

-Story of some people we share the planet with-

Neo-liberal policies are responsible for the exploitation, plunder, and destruction of the community and the environment all over the world: We will take a journey into the growing resistance to big corporations plans.
Plans imposed upon people by governments and protected by police and army.
Policies that enrich few people and leave the great majority with nothing.
This video will enhance our understanding of what is happening around us, while inspiring our quest for ways to better organise ourselves and grow stronger in our Hackney.

TonITe @ eX voRTeX