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BBC bans Better Dead Than Wed

Punk's Not Dead | 20.03.2005 14:12 | Culture | London

BBC RADIO has banned the Class War/Conflict CD 'Better Dead Than wed' after allegedly discovering a plot to hype it to the number one slot during the week of the Royal wedding. Sales of just 18,000 would apparently do the trick!

The re-issue of the Conflict./Class war cd 'Better Dead than Wed' has caused more controversy than the original - which topped the indy charts for 5 weeks in 1985. BBC Radio has now banned airplay for the re-release - scheduled for Royal Wedding week on April 4th - amid claims of a plot to hype the cd to the number one spot. Remember 'God Save the Queen'.

Punk's Not Dead


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  1. Better Dead Than wed Cover is brilliant — Punker
  2. Scrap the BBC poll tax — tony