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More Black Deaths in Custody in Lambeth

morgana | 03.12.2001 12:29

On Thursday, 22nd November, 25-year old Ricky Bishop was stopped by the police. Ricky went voluntarily to Brixton police station for a search. At some point he was taken to King's College Hospital where he died in the evening, apparently after a heart attack.

On Thursday, 25th November, 25-year old Ricky Bishop and his friend were stopped by the Police at 3pm in Dalyell Road, South London. Ricky apparently went voluntarily to Brixton police station for a search where he was then taken to the interview room -which is not covered by CCTV- and was arrested when officers suspected he was in possession of crack cocaine; his friend was arrested and later released without a charge. A police constable stated that during the course of the search Ricky became agitated and had to be restrained because he was alleged to have swallowed some crack cocaine. As a precautionary measure Ricky was taken to King's College Hospital, where he died at about 10:00pm, apparently after a massive heart attack. The family and friends of Ricky Bishop are demanding the truth about the events surrounding Ricky's death where Ricky has been infamously and unfairly portrayed as a crack dealer and a crack addict. The misleading depiction of Ricky as a crack dealer provides ad-hoc justifications for the new drug policies promoted by the pseudo-liberal chief police officier, Commander Paddick, who has recently introduced a "zero tolerance" approach to crack and heroin users in Lambeth.

An inquest into Ricky Bishop's death was opened and adjourned earlier this week - with an official and full investigation due to take place in May next year.
A post-mortem proved unsatisfying and investigators are awaiting the results of toxicology tests. Two cops who dealt with Ricky in the custody suite are under investigation since it became apparent that they did not immediately hand over all of their equipment including a baton and a baton pouch. A spokesman for the Police Complaints Authority, which is co-ordinating the inquest into Ricky's mysterious death, established that the baton and baton belt will be part of the investigation.

Demand Truth and Justice! Make your voice heard at the next meeting of Lambeth Community/Police Consultative Group on Tuesday 4th December-6.00pm Lambeth Town Hall.



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