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Cambridge Social Centre?

hmg | 04.02.2006 20:44 | Free Spaces | Cambridge

Do you have a great COMMUNITY PROJECT but nowhere to run it?

Public Meeting
Wednesday 8th February at 8pm
The Hut. Fletchers Terrace, off Argyle Street, off Mill Road.

We are working towards a proposal for a Cambridge Social Centre, with the possibility of making great use of the now empty Howard Mallett Centre on Sturton Street. We have some ideas, but are hoping to work with many different projects and individuals interested in supporting community space in Cambridge.

What are we thinking about so far?

- 209 radio, a Cambridge community radio station, are interested in making use of the empty radio studios. A grassroots organisation heavily involved in youth workshops, training, producing content and broadcasting!

- Working with local youth groups to keep the gym running for community recreational use.

- Indymedia Cambridge would like to set up a space for grassroots journalism, to host topical film screenings and debates.

- Running a Community Cafe which could include a weekly soup kitchen, fair trade coffee, a car share scheme, free internet access, cakes and tea...

The future of the Howard Mallett Centre is uncertain. The charity Citylife have been negotiating with the County Council, who own the building, to knock it down to build a social enterprise centre. There is some local opposition to the Citylife plan and the planning process means that the building is likely to be under-used for some time. With facilities incluing a gym, recording studies, community rooms and a cafe going to waste!

So what would you like to see in the Howard Mallettt Centre?

Contact us by
post: PO Box 316, Cambridge, CB4 2WW

Past IMC article about the Howard Mallett Centre: