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US Senate Candidate in Minnesota Supports MP Gallaway

Michael Cavlan RN | 18.05.2005 18:19 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Indymedia | London

Independent Media Journalist Michael Cavlan (myself) declared at a press confernce his intention to run for the US Senate in Minnesota. Outspoken peace and justice activist and media critic, Cavlan had called his press conference at the state capital in St Paul Minnesota on the same day that MP Gallaway was being smeared by fellow Minnesotoan, Senator Coleman.

Coleman was the main senator attacking MP Gallaway during senate hearings in Washington DC.

In the press conference, which was fairly well attended, Cavlan then went on to question senator Coleman's integrity and his obsession with the Oil For Food Program and obvious contempt for Kofi Annan and the UN. Mentioned was the missing $8 Billion and Colemans possible motive of racism.

Candidate Cavlan is now officially extending an invitation to Galloway to come visit and have a dual press confernce in Minnesota, the home state of Senator Coleman.

During the Press Conference Cavlan also called on Representative Mark Kennedy to fulfill his oath to the Constitution by instituting an Article of Impeachment against President Bush due to the recently revealed Downing St Memo and breaking International Law by encouraging torture, there-by violating the US Constitution. Both are legally High Crimes and Misdeamenors and Impeachable Offenses.

Candidate Cavlan also called for an immediate, unconditional withdrawl and will work to start setting up a Truth and Reconcillation Committee. regarding US foreign Policies, including the US support of Sadaam Hussein.

To any and all readers, please contact MP Gallaway's office and have him contact me via the cell # above immediately.

By the way, this is not a joke, just supreme luck and the will of the Creator.

Cavlan, who lived as an American in Co Armagh, northern Ireland for a number of years, intends to add some berevity to the press conference by thanking MP Gallaway for his help with easing historically tense Irish-British relationships.

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