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Sainsbury's Merseyside Depot Blocked

merseyside blockade posse | 02.07.2004 04:16 | Bio-technology | Liverpool

A successful, 4 hour, no arrest, no equipment lost blockade with plenty of support from Sainsbury's packers and drivers...protesting CM crop fed milk in Sainsbury's.

A 30 strong posse of protesters from Manchester, Leeds, Hebden Bridge and Lancaster headed down from Manchester and headed by a variety of routes to the Sainbury's distributioon depot by the Haydock roundabout on the M6. We turned up and locked together in a 7 strong arm-tube circle in front of the main gate. An emergency gate was simultaneously blockaded by a car and a motorcycle lock. The main gate was also locked up with D-locks. Police didn't turn up for over an hour. The lorry drivers and packers inside the depot showed good humoured support throughout (some of them on overtime!). After many hours of negotiation we agreed to leave at 3am (the hour we had agreed among ourselves to start with) before we were cut out. Sadly we forgot the kryptonite locks that were still locking both gates when we left. Sorry boys you might need that cutting equipment afterall.
Good night, high spirits, no arrests and a huge tailback of sainsburys lorries.

merseyside blockade posse


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