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Insider views on Haiti from Flashpoints

audiophile | 23.01.2010 17:34 | Anti-militarism | World

Flashpoints coverage on the unfolding crisis in Haiti, as hundreds of thousands of people are dead following the massive earthquake; Flashpoints speak to Walter Riley, Bay Area-based civil rights attorney, just back from Port-au-Prince, also, Bill Quigley, legal director for the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York talks about the large US military presence in Haiti and the undermining of relief efforts that puts more lives in danger; an interview with a medical doctor in Port-au-Prince, who has set up a makeshift hospital to treat thousands of patients; Yvon Kerizan of the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund gives his eyewitness account of the suffering; and Flashpoints’ Kevin Pina heads back to Haiti.

"Are we going to die next Daddy?" - mp3 54M


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