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(A)l Qaeda's 'vote nobody' campaign

As-Sahab Video | 20.12.2006 13:38 | Lebanon War 2006 | Free Spaces | Palestine | Zapatista | World

The As-Sahab video collective has today released a new video labeled ""the truth about the conflict between Muslims and infidels" which calls on freedom fighters to withhold their vote. "Holding elections won't lead to Palestine's liberation," warns the video which supporting groups are being asked to screen in their local communities.

Available to download and free of copyright, the video featues Ayman al-Zawahiri, part of an Al Qaeda's working group, saying, "Those who try to liberate Muslim land through elections... will not liberate one grain of sand of Palestine."

"Their efforts will only result in creating a reversion to jihad and will negatively affect the [current] struggle of mujahedeen," al-Zawahiri said.

The video comes comes after president Abbas' most recent call for new elections in which he hopes to replace the democratically elected Hamas with his own Fatah party. With Abbas locked in a power struggle with Hamas, Osama bin Laden has stoked the fires by calling president Abbas "America's man in Palestine."

Also check the last As-Sahab video in which al-Zawahiri accuses Bush of being a "deceitful charlatan" who lied to the American people about the situation in Iraq.

Download from youtube, google video and other good online video stores.

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  1. BS — al Qaeda = PNAC, CIA, Mossad