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New migrant detention camp in Evros, Greece | 17.05.2007 00:14 | Anti-racism | Migration | World

Details on the new camp and upcoming on-site anti-racist mobilization from all over greece.
Map of detention centers on the greek side of greco-turkish border.

"five star" concentration camp
"five star" concentration camp

Whatever happened to abandoned warehouses and containers? (

"Immigration policy" is being modernized as brand new prisons - misleadingly called "Reception Centers" - are being built close to the border to "host" migrants and refugees, away from prying eyes and any kind of public scrutiny. The latest example is the migrants concentration camp at the Evros border crossing. The river Evros (Maritsa in Bulgarian, Meriç in Turkish) marks the only land border between Greece and Turkey.

Fully equipped with iron bars, a surveillance system and a basketball court, it was inaugurated in early May 2007 to "host" migrants who manage to survive the minefields and deportations. The local prefect seems to treat migrants as prospective criminals: "... a modern construction built according to NATO(?) standards, the building ensures total safety for employees as well as the region. No one is in danger..."

The Panhellenic Network of Antiracist Organizations has called for an anti-racist mobilization in Evros on the 18th and 19th of May.

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