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Pitiful Lefties. John McDonnell falls at first post.......Ha ha ha!

Guido | 16.05.2007 20:56 | Analysis | Workers' Movements

So. For god knows how long now the usual disposable air punching losers have bombarded everyone with 'Vote for John' literature at every public event going. The upshot of their hard work? Their hero has not even made the ballot paper....

The fact that McDonnell enjoyed a less high profile than Blair's junior cabinet ministers did not deter them. The fact that the Labour Party or 'New Labour' as we now call it has been devoid of democracy for decades seemed to pass them by. Exactly what kind of deluded fuckwit thinks there is anything to gain by being in or around the Labour Party these days?????

You can go now John. Your 15 seconds of fame is over....
You can go now John. Your 15 seconds of fame is over....

"Oh, but a leadership contest will drag the party to the left."

"There are still loads of good people in the party. Someone has to reach out to them."

"How else are we going to challenge Gordon's neoliberalism?"

"A campaign will really energise people and remind them of what Labour once stood for."

"We can still change the party from within."

These are just some of the excuses vomited out by many a so called revolutionary as to why their time and energy was being spent on an unwinable campaign. Some were previously a party within the party only to get thrown out. Others have dissolved their organisations to avoid expulsion only to reappear as a caucus within the party. They know who they are and frankly they are too fucking irrelevant and numerous to mention by name. The sad fact is that all these so called 'activists' have one thing in common. They are totally gutless.

They cling to the sad delusion that Labour is somehow redeemable or at least better than the Tories. The reason? Because that is better than facing the reality of the situation. The only way to bring about change is to say a huge fuck off to the three main parties and the establishment they support and start again. That involves real work instead of jumping someone elses train. That involves a lot of direct action and community resistance just for starters. That involves a break with the past and a whole new way of doing things. The Labour Party and its members have not been the solution for decades. They are now part of the problem.

How much time and money have the Labour Left and 'revolutionary' left wasted on this exercise? What will it take for them to drop their security blanket and start doing some real work? Probably social and enviromental catastrophe and by then it will be too fucking late.

At least the 'Vote For John' activist is now happily one less fuckwit for us to put up with at the next demo or picketline......

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