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Peat Excavation Site Sabotaged

Bill | 03.12.2004 12:03 | Ecology | London

Earlier this year a peat excavation works at Chat Moss near Manchester was Sabotaged. The site where the extraction was taking place was of high ecological value and in the vacinity of a wildlife Site of Scientific Importance. Peat bogs also have great value as Co2 sinks.

Under cover of a gale people entered the peat excavation site at Chat Moss. A turbo engined peat cutter and a catapilar tracked excavator both had their engines destroyed. Locks on workshops, storage area and office all had their locks sealed. This action was taken in defense of the wild. It was easy, anybody could do it all it takes is the will to act!



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  1. For Peat's sake — Croltbopper
  2. Excellent — Nora Ludd