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A duty or a privilege to kill George W. Bush?

dun c ynot | 03.12.2004 01:17

A Norwegian hip-hop band called Gatas Parlament has started a campaign to collect money so that 'someone can kill that man', as they put it. Why should he be able to sleep at night when he is responsible for killings worldwide?, approximately so asks the band. Their own answer is that 'it is the most sensible thing to do"!

Campaign website (in Norwegian):

!hardhitting rappers!!
!hardhitting rappers!!

If politicians like Pinochet, Milosevic ought to be brought to trial, as happened to the Nazis after WWII in the socalled Nuremburg Trials, then why not Mr. George W. Bush? Is he not the responsible person - the one who did it?

For more info see for instance:

See also:

However, sentencing people to death is exactly what George W. Bush in effect as self-acclaimed world leader does to many civilians around the world, and such behaviour is highly undesirable and any emulation should accordingly be viewed with suspicion and critically reflected upon:

Can there be a good reason to kill a person? Is it OK to collect money for murder? To which degree is George W. Bush *responsible* for the killings of civilians in Iraq? Given that he himself is a proud Texan believing in capital punishment, a state which currently holds 453 people on death row, are there reasonable grounds for a "peoples' death sentence" against the self-professed leader of the world?


Fighting fire with fire might not always be the best recipe, but the Norwegians suggest that their efforts ought to be understood as an act of self-defence, and seen in such light their campaign and intentions might indeed resonate with many people around the world.

In any case, it is a creative a publicity stunt by a band from "Ytrebygda" (outer township?) outside Bergen that attracted a mere 13 people to the concert at which they launched their campaign, and they have certainly created a scenario which legal and philosophical scholars ought to consider seriously - in many ways it is a much more immanent issue than, say, the dramaticed scenarios around euthanasia:

Euthanasia is a luxury problem concerning the rich - while the poor, those at the receiving end of the policies orchestrated in the Oval Office, implemented world wide and enforced by the biggest, hardest, fastest killing machine the world has ever seen (read: the U.S. military), are left with no such privilege as to discuss whether it is ethically sound or morally correct to be allowed to kill yourself (with our without assistance) - for there is someone doing a killer of a job for them.

The earth and its children are not dying they are being killed and those who are killing them have names and addresses, here referring to a random selection of power centres and, presumably therefore also prime suspects when it comes to deciding on where to place the responsibility for the state of world afffairs:

The band's website:

Original article:

The band notes that it is a joke, but it is seriously meant, and while the Norwegian authorities are up in arms (obviously under pressure from the U.S.) the rappers are laughing and Norwegian journalists with a sense of humour consider it an artful expression of the unmentionable. Needless to say, the U.S Embassy spokesperson in Oslo 'reckons that it is not funny at all' and that the band has gone far too far... and she adds: "especially if they don't even mean it", which just goes to show that when it comes to killings, the U.S. Administration means very serious business..

Ain't Freedom Beautiful?


See also how Norway bowed under for U.S. pressure in an altogether different case, which nevertheless touches upon the problems aurrounding the freedom of speech:

DISCLAIMER: This article is meant to provoke discussions and ask questions about killing, death and power - and as such is not advocating to kill anyone - on the contrary!! But we should always keep in mind that in order to make an omelette you have got to break some eggs...

dun c ynot
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