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When will the ITUC investigate one of its "own"?

Nate Straffon | 10.02.2015 12:17 | Workfare | Culture | Policing | Workers' Movements

ITUC’s Sharan Burrow criticises FIFA.

ITUC’s Sharan Burrow criticises FIFA for not pulling out of Qatar due to bad working conditions, stating that the FIFA world cup would be built on modern slavery. FIFA did not receive similar criticism when it decided to give the world cup to Brazil in 2014 and to South Africa in 2010. In these respective countries, workers were paid minimum wage or even less to build the stadiums and there was no awareness building and not to mention the poverty in Brazil which did not see much of the profits from the world cup.

ITUC critics a country that gives opportunity to people to earn money, yet ITUC itself does not have a good record of giving people a chance to earn as the circle of trust is small and only “privileged” people get a job. Paradoxically, the organisation that is supposed to protect workers’ right still claims it is an equal opportunity employer including women and people from developing countries.

Nate Straffon